Thursday, May 12, 2011

A tough week

What a tough week this has been.  I had to put down our black chick Lawless.  She developed trouble walking a few weeks ago and it got progressively worse.  It was the only humane thing to do. :(

I ended up with 19 babies from the previous hatch.  1 Wheaten Maran, 1 Dark Brahma (named Crush.. but that's another story), 5 Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes and 12 Lt. Brahmas.  Also 2 of the 3 eggs I gave to Jenn's broody Gesine hatched (Maran and Lt Brahma).  Overall, not a bad hatch for shipped eggs.

May 2nd I set those LOVELY EE and D'uccle eggs you see below.  I started with 41 and weeded out 13 so far that either quit or weren't developing.

May 10th I set 20 more pure-bred Americauna eggs.  15 LF (large Fowl) and 5 Banties (bantam or miniature chickens).  These have a chance to be either black, blue or LAVENDER!!!  I SOOO want lavender babies I cannot even explain to you however it is a very very small chance that any of these might be Lavs.  The lady just took the Lav roo out of the pen and put in this beautiful blue roo.  Birds can retain sperm for several weeks to use as needed so there is a chance the Lav could be "in business" even when he isn't there.. LOL

Well.. here are some baby pictures from the last hatch, now almost 2 weeks old.. I know I know.. bad blogger.. ;)

Lt. Brahmas

a dark BLRW

In the Brooder

A Splash BLRW

All my BLRW

Crush the Dark Brahma

Wheaten Maran

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