Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 10- Who gets to stay?

Well, today is day 10!  I've been candling here and there but today I had decisions to make.  Who's staying and who's going?  Which eggs are clear and which ones are quitters :)

Unfortunately all of the Silkie eggs we got  (that were in my bator) are gone.  Only 1 was fertile and it quit early on.  Of the 3 that Jenn kept, only 2 were fertile, 1 quitter and 1 little one that looks great!

I have 8 BLRW left in the bator but only 5 that I am confident about keeping.

There are still most of the Lt. Brahma, Dk Brahma and a few Blue Wheaten Marans too for a total of 24 left in the incubator to finish out the hatch.  We will see how it goes these last 10-11 days.

I am pretty bummed that out of 43 eggs I am down to 24 but I understand thems the breaks on shipped eggs etc.

We will see how it goes.  For my next hatches I am hoping to get some more local eggs since those worked out so well.  28/30 went into lockdown (last three days) and 25 hatched.  That's pretty darn amazing!

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