Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 6.. I'm dying to see something!!

Well, today is officially day 6 HOWEVER.. I think my temps were a little low the first 2 days or so..  which stinks because that means the hatch may take longer than 21 days. :/  I am extra nervous because of a few reasons:

1. This is only my second hatch.. EVER
2. This is my first hatch with SHIPPED eggs
3. I'm incubating for other people as well as myself

These are breeds that I REALLY want and want to see hatch.  If this goes well and I can sell the babies easily I plan on doing a few more hatches.  I like this part, I like the brooding and then I like picking my favorites.. BUT...  STRESSFUL

I want to see development like I did with my fresh eggs.. patience patience patience...

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