Friday, April 8, 2011

First Shipped Eggs

Hey everyone!!  So this egg hatching bug has bitten me HARD.. I ordered my first batches of eggs from North Florida ( and West Virginia (  Another friend got some Silkie Eggs from here too.  My eggs just came in today after dealing with several USPS workers (one that was just down right miserable).  It was like CHRISTMAS!!  Lots of unwrapping and surprise!

From Fowl Visions I won an auction for 12+ Lt Brahma eggs.  She also included a few Dark Brahma Eggs.  Each egg was individually wrapped in bubble wrap then the box itself was padded with newspaper.  I paid $12.25 for the dozen and then shipping which was almost 6 dollars.  Around $18 total :)

Here are some pictures:

WOAH!!  These are some HUGE EGGS! (Lt Brahmas)

My other eggs came from a private purchase, not an auction, with Soaring Hawks Farm.  I purchased 12+ Blue Laced Red Wyandotte eggs.  I received those PLUS a few Blue Maran/Wheaten Maran and even Blue Laced Wyandottes!!  Packaging again was awesome!  Each egg  bubble wrapped in a small box, inside a bigger box.  THIS was cushioned with paper and bubble wrap.  I paid $20+shipping for the 12+ eggs but received 18 eggs!! WOW!!

I put them in the egg cartons so they could rest large end up for 12-24 hours as suggested.  This allows the air cell to reposition and reattach after rough shipping.

I will be setting these Sunday along with the Silkie eggs that Jenn got. I will post pics of those soon :)

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