Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a day!

Well, I went to bed around 12:45 this morning with 7 pips.  Around 3:45 the local police department called looking for my husband because someone had tried to break in to the restaurant he works in and he's on the emergency call list AND... I had a baby out!!  10 minutes later... ANOTHER!.

We worked on the coop ALL day so I didn't have much time to keep checking but as of 10:00 tonight we have 10 light Brahma babies :)


My eggs that I bought the other day arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Blue EE egg and a Mille Fleur D'Uccle bantam egg

My lovely EE eggs with an Egglands Best white egg for color comparison :)
I LOVE my egg babies.. LOL


  1. wow - those are beautiful blue eggs! and congrats on your hatch- looking good! Our is going well too - so far 13 hatched and a few more pips coming.

  2. Holy crap there's a lot of color going on there! It makes the white on look not too appetizing! Thanks for the comparison of the regular size by the bantam egg. I had heard that two of them would equal somewhere around a regular large egg. :)

  3. Yes I am very proud of those beautiful colored eggs.. I will be so happy when mine start to lay :) I have that batch in the bator and another added 9 days later.. OH BOY.. so much do post. I've been sort lazy.. working too much!! Let me update some more :)